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Refreshing Fruity Brownies 2022-algeriafordeliciousfd

Refreshing Fruity Brownies  A quick recipe for chocolate lovers

Refreshing Fruity Brownies 2022

The way to make brownies cake is one of the types of desserts that children and adults love to taste, as it is characterized by a delicious and delicious taste that many people like, and you can prepare it in many different ways, and this means that the method of preparing it is very easy and simple, That is why we decided to present it to you today with ease.

Ingredients :

200 grams of dark chocolate 150 grams of butter 150 grams of sugar, preferably brown sugar 70 grams of flour  , A teaspoon of vanilla, three large eggs, a few walnuts, a quarter of a teaspoon of sweet yeast.

How to prepare :
Refreshing Fruity Brownies 2022

First, melt 200 grams of butter with 150 grams of dark chocolate in a water bath, and on the other hand, prepare a glass bowl and put the eggs in it with 150 grams of sugar. Mix the two ingredients with an electric mixer until the sugar dissolves in the eggs.

We pour the amount of chocolate that we melted with the butter and mix until the ingredients are combined.

Refreshing Fruity Brownies 2022

We prepare a glass bowl and put in it the amount of walnuts about 50 grams, and pour the amount of flour 70 grams on it and mix them together, then add them on top of the previous mixture, and the walnuts can also be replaced with chocolate pieces.

Get an oven tray measuring 20 x 20 cm. You can also use a 30 cm tray.

  Put cooking paper on top of it, then pour the mixture over it. Preparing the oven at 180 degrees and inserting the tray into it.

Refreshing Fruity Brownies 2022

Prepare chocolate sauce to decorate :

  Chocolate sauce is great for decorating western desserts such as brownies today, here is how to make chocolate sauce at home in an easy and quick way

the ingredients :

8 tablespoons of good quality cocoa powder 3 tablespoons of powdered milk 40 grams of butter 3 tablespoons of caster sugar Half a cup of water

Refreshing Fruity Brownies 2022

preparation :

Mix the cocoa with the milk in the blender. Add the sugar and mix again. Add the water gradually with stirring until the ingredients mix and become like a soft dough. A pot of water is placed on the fire and when it boils, put a glass bowl over it and melt the butter in it. Stir the mixture and leave it as it is until it melts and becomes a smooth creamy texture. Use the sauce to decorate cakes and desserts, and you can keep it in the refrigerator until it cools.

Coat the brownies with chocolate sauce, add some fruits on top, such as bananas, pineapples, or oreo pieces, and you have the choice.

Serve it to family members with a hot drink to keep you warm.

Calories in brownies :

This amount is for 100 grams of brownies :

Total calories 457, calories from carbohydrates 306.5, calories from fat 134.3, calories from protein 16.

Refreshing Fruity Brownies 2022

Nutritional value :

Energy 434 kcal, protein 4 g, fat 14.9 g, carbohydrates 76.6 g, calcium 19 mg, iron 2 mg, sodium 302 mg, cholesterol 0 mg.

Many people get hungry during cold days and crave sweets, so this chocolate brownie recipe is the perfect choice.

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