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Algerian griff 2022-algeriafordeliciousfd

 Algerian griff

Algerian griff 2022

Hello dears, today we will present to you the recipe of the Algerian griff, This recipe can be prepared using a blender or manually.

the ingredients :

-150 grams of white flour

-300 grams of semolina

-1 liter or one and a half liters of water

-1 Eat a spoonful of salt

-A small spoon of yeast

-A spoonful of eating starch

- A spoon of eating oil

- A small spoon of vinegar

-A small spoonful of sugar

(You can add a little milk to increase the freshness of the mixture to make it softer)


How to prepare :

using the blender :

Put all the above-mentioned ingredients in an electric mixer and leave it for 5 to 7 minutes, then take a bowl and pour the mixed ingredients in it and leave it covered for 20-30 minutes.


Manual method of preparation :

For people who do not have an electric mixer and want to prepare the recipe manually, Take a food brush or hand mixer and put the ingredients in a large bowl and mix by hand for 25-30 minutes, Then we cover it and leave it for 30 minutes as usual, so that our mixture is ready.


cooking method :

Take a frying pan and put it on a low heat, then grease it with oil then take a large spoon or cup and carry our mixture and put it in the pan in the form of circles, Leave our mixture on a low heat for two to three minutes and continue this method and repeat it until the mixture ends.

After completing this stage, our mixture is ready for decoration. We prepare honey and butter, and if you want a few nuts, such as almonds or walnuts, then we paint our circles with butter and honey and put a few nuts on top of them, as we mentioned, then roll them, so they are ready to eat. (There is no objection to serving with a little tea or juice).

I hope you guys try the recipe and leave me your opinions if you like it.

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