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Qtayef Algerian and Syrian 2022-algeriafordeliciousfd

Syrian and Algerian Qatayef

Qtayef Algerian and Syrian 2022

Algerian Qatayef:

Qatayef is a delicious Ramadan dessert made of flour, sugar, butter and milk. It is often stuffed with nuts or cheese and can be served with honey or syrup. Qatayef is a popular dessert in many Middle Eastern countries.

The reason for calling Qatayef by this name:

There are several accounts of the reason for calling it Qatayef. There is a version that says that its texture is similar to that of velor fabric, and the other version is that when it appeared in the Mamluk era, it was presented as a stuffed pie for guests to pick up, so it was called the Qatayef pie. Then the name was changed by entering the vernacular, and it turned into Qatayef.

Ingredients for the preparation of Algerian Qatayef:

We need 150 grams of roasted and ground almonds Half a teaspoon of cinnamon Three tablespoons of blossom water 150 grams of natural butter Half a teaspoon of vanilla A quantity of Qatayef A quantity of peanuts for decoration We need powdered sugar.

How to prepare the filling and dessert:

  Prepare the filling, the amount of almonds, cinnamon and blossom water, mix well using the hand by introducing the blossom water well into the ingredients, then melt the butter under a low heat on the other side. Add the amount of vanilla over the Qatayef and stir well, then add the melted butter to it and mix well, then put half the amount of Qatayef on pans after it is opened. Above the Qatayef and re-place the remaining amount of the amaranth over the filling in a circular shape like the shape of the bread, then put it over the fire on a medium temperature until it is level and its color changes to brown, Then put it on a plate and water it with free honey or honey and leave it until the katayef drinks the honey well, then decorate with nuts such as walnuts and other ground nuts.

Syrian Qatayef:

Syrian Qatayef Ingredients:

We need two cups of white flour, a tablespoon of cornstarch, a pinch of salt, a pinch of fine sugar, two tablespoons of powdered yeast, half a cup of warm water, and another amount of warm water for the dough.

Filling ingredients:

A cup of white sugar A cup of fine grated walnuts Half a cup of shredded coconut Half a cup of raisins A quantity of oil for frying Drink.

Preparing the Syrian Qatayef:

In a deep bowl, the amount of flour, add salt and starch to it, mix well the dry ingredients, then from the other side bring half a cup of water, dissolve the yeast and sugar in it , Pour the cup well and leave it in a warm place for 10 minutes until the yeast reacts. Add this mixture of water and yeast to the flour mixture, stirring. Gradually add more warm water to the dough until it forms and becomes liquid. Prepare a deep, non-stick frying pan. Heat a large amount of oil using a pastry bag. A quantity of dough until it takes a round shape, Leave the Qatayef until it sticks and brown, then turn it on the other side and it takes a golden color. Lift the Qatayef off the fire until it drinks the excess oil. Complete the rest of the dough with the same steps. In another dish, mix the raisins with sugar, coconut and walnuts. Stuff the Qatayef with an appropriate amount of stuffing and then close it. You can make different ideas from Cream filling, cream or even chocolate, then add the syrup and let it drink and then serve.

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