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Spinach souffle 

salty spinach filling 2022


Are you looking for a healthy side dish to add to your meal, Spinach Pretzels Recipe is a great choice Spinach is a nutrient-rich, low-calorie, and fiber-rich vegetable. This recipe also includes garlic, which adds a delicious flavor and provides some health benefits.


Ingredients for the dough, we need a frying pan, milk, bread yeast, dessert yeast, oil, egg white, two eggs, salt.

Filling ingredients Spinach, chicken breast, garlic, black pepper, red pepper, salt, tomato oil.

  Dough preparation:

In a glass container, empty two cups of warm milk, which can be replaced with warm water with two tablespoons of milk powder, then add a tablespoon and a half of baking yeast and a tablespoon and a half of regular sugar, Then add two cups of farina as an initial stage, mix these ingredients with a hand mixer well, cover them with transparent paper, and leave them to ferment until they ferment for a few minutes, Then add half a cup of vegetable oil, two egg whites, then add two more cups of farina and a small spoon well filled with salt. Mix the ingredients well until the mixture is homogeneous, Then we add the fifth cup of farina and a teaspoon of sweets yeast and use the hand to mix until we get a cohesive dough ,If it is not cohesive, we may add the sixth cup of farina and then knead it a little. The texture is medium and it sticks a little in the hand. We form the dough into a ball. Then we bring a glass bowl, paint it with oil, and put the dough in it. Cover it with transparent paper and leave it to ferment for about half an hour.

After half an hour, put the dough on the work surface, cut it in half, and then cut each half into eight balls, cover with transparencies and pass directly to the filling.

    Preparation of the filling:

After washing the spinach well and chopping it, we prepare a frying pan, put this spinach in it and put it on a low heat. After the water that comes out of the spinach dries, add a little oil, grated garlic, salt, black pepper, red pepper, add a quantity of chopped tomatoes about two and leave it and let it settle on the other side. We prepare another frying pan. It has a little oil, put it over the fire, then clean the chicken pieces that we had cut into small pieces. When the chicken is done, we empty it over the spinach, stir well, then add the cheese pieces. We turn off the fire. This is how the filling is ready.

On the work surface we sprinkle it with a little flour, put a ball of dough on it and open it in a circular way, then add a quantity of the spinach filling and add the grated or regular cheese pieces, close this circle in half and press the edges with a fork to avoid opening and the filling out when cooking, we put it in the oven tray, grease the face of each One with egg yolk, sprinkle it with a little black bean, leave it and put it in the oven at 180 degrees.

Then we take the tray out of the oven, and so the spinach salts are ready, a good appetite.

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