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Chocolate cake

chocolate cake 2022


Nothing beats a delicious piece of chocolatecake. This sweet dessert is perfect for any occasion and is sure to satisfy your cravings. If you want to make your own chocolate cake from scratch, you'll need a few basic ingredients and a few simple steps.

Ingredients and prepara:

Cake preparation

In a bowl, empty three eggs, at room temperature, of medium size, Put a small spoonful of liquid vanilla or powder on it, a cup of sugar equivalent to 220 milliliters, add half a cup of oil, add a cup of only a quarter of milk, then mix with a hand blender or juicer mixer, mix all the ingredients, Until the sugar dissolves and we get a foamy mixture, the mixing time is about four minutes, Then we put this bowl on one side and we prepare another bowl in which we put the dry ingredients. We need a cup and a half frying pan, three tablespoons of cocoa powder with a good flavor, A bag of pastry yeast These dry ingredients after filtering to get rid of impurities and when mixing them well clean the liquid materials on top of these dry materials Mix well with a hand mixer until the ingredients are homogeneous a little light compared to the regular cake After finishing, we turn on the oven at a temperature of 170 degrees, and at this stage we prepare a tray 40 by 75 cm, grease it with an amount of oil or butter and sprinkle it with an amount of cocoa, Then pour the mixture into the tray and distribute it evenly. Turn the oven on from the top and bottom and enter the tray for 25 minutes. After cooking it, and to know that, we insert a toothpick in it. If it is dry, it is ready. We take the tray out of the oven and let it cool completely, Then add a cup of cold milk on top and let it absorb completely.

Cream preparation:

We need two and a half tablespoons of good quality cocoa, add half a cup of cold water to it, mix well, and then bring another bowl to add a cup of shunti powder A cup of cold water from the refrigerator, we mix well with an electric mixer until we get a cream of Chantilly. Add the mixture that we had previously prepared, cocoa with water, And here she asks Dina to add cocoa directly to the shunti to avoid cocoa nibs, so we dissolved them in water Continue mixing well, and so the cream is ready.

Pour this cream over the cake layer and level it and distribute it evenly to get a smooth face. After completion, we return the cake to the refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes.

Prepare clasaj:

We prepare a saucepan, put in it half a cup of milk, half a cup of vegetable oil, half a cup of cocoa, half a cup of palm sugar, the ingredients with a hand mixer, then put it over a medium heat, wait until boiling, then wait for one minute after boiling, then turn off the fire, and so the chocolate sauce is ready

Leave it to cool completely, then add it as a final dish to the cake, level it well, and then return the cake to the refrigerator for four hours.

After this time, cut the cake into pieces and serve.

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