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Cauliflower gratin

Cauliflower gratin 2022

Cauliflower is a type of vegetable that contains many nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that benefit the human body and protect it from diseases.

It also helps in dieting in losing weight, as it contains a small amount of calories and also a huge amount of water that helps in losing weight. Vitamins A and B that help in the growth of the fetus and enhance the mother’s immunity and other benefits such as strengthening bones, protecting the digestive system, reducing cancer and other advantages.

Cauliflower gratin is a delicious and healthy dish that is perfect for any occasion. This dish consists of cauliflower, cheese and meat and can be served as a side dish or as a main dish. Cauliflower gratin is the perfect way to get your family to eat their vegetables.7


Even cauliflower, minced meat, lamb or veal, onions, vegetable oil, salt, black pepper, eggs, cheese, cinnamon.

How to prepare:

In an electric oven, we put an onion and turn on the oven, then we prepare a frying pan, put a little oil in it, put it over a quiet fire, on top of the chopped onions, carry it a little, then pour over the minced meat and fry it, then add salt and black pepper and leave it to level Others, we put cauliflower boiled in water or blanched, after cutting it into small pieces to reduce its undesirable smell, we put a piece of bread with cauliflower while it is boiling or blanching, After the meat is cooked, turn off the heat, put it in a bowl, after the cauliflower is half cooked from the water, and press it a little with a fork without mashing it completely, then add it on top of the meat, We cut a good amount of metal and add it on top of the meat and broccoli, then add cheese and a little salt to it. Add five eggs or more or less to it, according to the amount of broccoli and meat. Mix these ingredients well and then put them in a bowl, Cooking tray and put it in the oven preheated to 180 degrees to level the eggs Then we make it from the top to give redness to the upper face so that the cheese melts.

Then we take out a tray from the oven, and so the gratin is ready, we cut a portion and put it on a serving plate.

There are several ways to prepare cauliflower, such as blanching it in the oven, then eggs and frying it in oil

Or prepare it in salads with vegetables as a healthy salad

Or cook with vegetables, potatoes, red broth and other recipes

Although cauliflower has several benefits and features that protect health and benefit the body after it has nutrients, However, there are many adults, especially young children, who do not like it, but I assure you with this recipe they will adore it.

I want to know what you think of this cauliflower gratin recipe when you try it.

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